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Tile Capital provides family office members access to its extensive network of lender contacts at small to mid sized banks, private banks, large commercial banks, insurance companies, debt funds and other private lenders to offer preferred rates on construction loans, bridge loans, senior debt, C-PACE, and mezzanine financing.  With an extensive background in private banking for real estate families, Tile Capital is also able to advise family office members on obtaining credit  facilities untethered to real estate using other secured and unsecured lending sources.

Access to Top-Tier Lending Partners

Gone are the days when real estate investors can rely on one or two local lenders to competitively provide for all their credit needs.  Today, it is more important than ever to know which lenders across the country will provide the most aggressive terms for any given project, at any given time, in any given geography.  International regulatory accords such as Basil III established in 2009 and US regulatory legislation such as the Dodd Frank Act enacted in 2010 have forever altered the competitive landscape for lending and made intelligent shopping for credit on a national level all that more important to real estate investors.

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Let us know how we can help with your commercial lending needs. 

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