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Covered Land Play

$55M acquisition to develop one of the last undeveloped parcels of its
size in the area. The 295 continuous acres of prime coastal land is situated between the pacific ocean and Santa Ynez mountains with breath-taking views.

The ranch is currently producing millions of dollars in revenue, making it an attractive covered land play. The property has been in the family for over 100 years and is now being offered to an astute visionary developer, dedicated to creating and redefining the New California lifestyle experience through sustainability, innovation, and collaboration with the local community and government.

Potential options for development include: Mixed-use, high-end coastal residential, world-class resort, or an independent city of the future creating sustainable environmental solutions for modern coastal living.


The parcel has been improved over the years and extensive infrastructure for utilities is already in place for future development.

1. Water - Three wells provide the land with 1,000-acre feet per year of sustainable yield water production. This water is governed by the property’s overlying right to use.

2. Sewer Line – Sanitation District Easement - A one-mile-long 24” sewer trunk main line runs along the westerly boundary line. Manhole covers are located every 200 feet for access, leading to the regional sewer treatment facility for Ventura Water, an entity of the City of Ventura.

3. Power Lines - The Ranch has acquired easements to install overhead electric power lines for a well pump station on the property.

4. Power Grid - At the northwest corner of the property lies a regional power transfer station of Southern California Edison that feeds the electric lines stretching the entire length of the eastern boundary.

5. Street widening - Plan currently in action to widen major drive on the property that connects to local roads.

Ventura, California

$55M Acquisition

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