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Sustainable Cattle Ranch & Farm

This well-known integrated cattle and farming operation located in the Western United States, has become a model of sustainable, forward-thinking agriculture, and is on the market for the first time in over 25 years.

As the current owners strategically amassed the land, they developed a unique plan. They used cattle and rotational grazing to rejuvenate the rangelands while producing natural beef, implemented a large composting programs to build the soil and cut fertilizer costs, and then made the most of the water resources to grow high-quality mixed grains, including premier estate hops and premium alfalfa. Their signature crops are not only adapted to the region but positioned to command top prices.

Property Improvements include: 10 homes, 4 bunkhouses, 7 shops, 5 horse barns, 12 hay barns, 12 storage barns, a feedlot, and a compost facility.

Water: The potential and opportunity can be traced back to its plentiful water that supplies the conservation-minded irrigated croplands. Approximately 6,046 acres are served by 34 pivots. The ranch enjoys Senior Water Rights, is home to two sizable impoundments, and features seven domestic wells and nine ag wells.

Livestock: The herd is a mix of Angus, Hereford and Charolais. This combination of breeds produces hearty calves well-suited to the desert plains that yield high-quality beef with little waste fat. Under the current management, the beef program is grass-centered and GMO-free as well as certified natural and certified GAP Level 4.

Farming: The current farming operation is a prime example of vertical integration that, with its composting program, literally goes from the ground up. Using about 2,700 acres the ranch supplies a finished product of estate-grown grains to brewers and distillers.

Producing premium grains for premium spirits is a responsibility the farming staff takes seriously. They select varieties of wheat, rye, barley and hops that are not only well-adapted to the environment but deliver the taste profile premium distillers and brewmasters demand. The farming operation also cultivates a variety of botanicals, used to impart unique flavors, in a climate-controlled greenhouse.

Please contact us to learn more about this strategic forward-thinking ranch opportunity.

Western United States

~$100M Acquisition

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