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Sustainable Historic Whiskey Campus

Rare opportunity to acquire a historically significant, state-of-the-art whiskey campus in the Western US at a significant discount. The 100+ year old distillery buildings were completed in 1916 and are now part of the National Register of Historic Places.  As part of an ongoing commitment to sustainability, the buildings received LEED Gold Certification in 2020 after extensive refurbishment and renovations that focused on repurposing period building materials into a contemporary design.  The campus now serves as a vodka, gin, and American whiskey distillery with a public house / tasing room, rickhouses, and other support buildings.

In addition to this opportunity, there are ancillary properties that can be leveraged as real property investments, agricultural opportunities, or operational support.


Historic Buildings, Rickhouses, and Land
Aged Whiskey Inventory (no brand)
Production Equipment
IP and Inventory for unaged spirits brands
Fully trained production team


Carl Pot Still (1,320 gal)
Headframe Column Still (Continuous 10 GPM feed, 4,500 gal/shift)
4 Foeder Crafters of America Wooden Fermenters (5,500 gal ea)
2 Briggs of Burton Stainless Fermenters (5,500 gal ea)
Briggs of Burton Grain Cooker (5,000 gal)
MBF North America Bottling Line • MAC barrel filler


Annual production with current equipment
~5,700 Eqv. barrels of whiskey
~125,000 9L cases

Annual production with minimal CapEx and expanded shifts
~11,300 Eqv barrels of whiskey
~250,000 9L cases

By year end 2022, on-site rickhouses will be again >4,000 Eqv. barrels of whiskey (single malt, burbon, & rye)

Western US

Deal Size: TBD

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